Efficiently Manage Images

Capture crucial moments with precision, ensuring that every image is rich with essential details. Easy search and the ability to generate customized reports will streamline your workflow and help you maintain a high standard of work quality.

FieldFirst Camera - Graphic construction works working on an electrical line
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    Bid farewell to photo hunting.

    Field staff can instantly share stamped GPS-coordinate photos, eliminating the need for office staff to track them down. Boost productivity by streamlining communication from the field to the office.

    Auto-fill data Instant upload Easy to use :)
    Invest smartly in your operations with FieldFirst Camera

    A smart investment for seamless operations.

    It's not just a cost-effective solution; it's a strategic investment in efficiency. Maximize impact without the hefty price tag, and watch how a little smart spending can lead to big improvements in your workflow.

    Unlimited users <$20 per day 300GB storage
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    Don't be confined by rigid solutions.

    FieldFirst Camera future-proofs your processes with adaptable API integration. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to a personalized approach that works for you. It's the key to staying ahead in a dynamic business landscape.

    Simple setup Open API Tech support
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    A team that's all-in on the future.

    Our team builds digital tools for field managers. FieldFirst stands for building reliable user-first products and supporting those who lead by example.

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    ROI Calculator

    Our ROI Calculator is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the potential benefits our solutions can offer.

    By inputting the number of documenters and hours worked, you'll receive estimates on the number of photos taken annually, the required storage space for those photos, time savings, and the calculated Return on Investment (ROI) percentage.

    This tool is your key to unlocking the efficiency and value our solutions can bring to your documentation process.

    Estimated Photos Taken per Year: 0 (based on 10 photos for each 8 hours worked for a 48-week year)

    Estimated Storage Space Required per Year (GB): 0 (based on the assumption of 2.5 MB per photo)

    Time Savings per Year (hours): 0 (assuming a 48-week year and 2% time savings) $0 labor

    ROI (%): 0

    What customers are saying..

    The ease of use between mobile devices, and our field office eliminated travel time, organized our closeout documents, and kept our crews focused.

    - Senior Estimator

    I highly recommend for your electrical utility maintenance programs and projects.

    - Project Manager Major Projects

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    While your current tool is great, imagine seamlessly storing, categorizing, and accessing stamped GPS-coordinate photos in one secure hub. Plus, our API integration ensures easy compatibility with your existing systems. It's not just an app; it's a game-changer.

    FieldFirst Camera - Simple. Flexible. Fast. #FieldFirst